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Plate Mailing Status Lookup

Step 1:  Enter Your Plate Information

Enter the plate number and vehicle class for your new plates:

New plate number:
(no spaces or special characters)

Vehicle class:
(3-letter code - refer to your new registration


 Instructions for Plate Mailing Status

If you will be receiving new Empire plates or custom picture plates in the mail, you can use this lookup to check the mailing status of your plates.

To check the status of your new plates:

  1. Enter your new plate number and your vehicle class. If necessary, refer to your new registration documents.

  2. Press the "Show Status" button.

Do not use this lookup if...

  • You want to see the mailing status of your new registration receipt and window sticker.
    • This service is for plates only.

  • You renewed a custom picture plate.
    • Customers renewing custom picture plates do not get new plates. For more information, see Plate Re-issuance.

  • You ordered new plates or renewed Liberty plates before April 2001.

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